Curriculum Vitae

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LibraSkywalker Oct 15, 2017

Wanxin Cai

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2014–2018 Bachelor of Science, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Computer Science. (expected)

Research Interests

Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, Human-Computer Interaction

Language Skills

English, Chinese-Mandarin(native)

Computer skills

Programming Languages

Skilled in Python,Java,C++; pay close attention to the latest language feature


Able to accomplish a medium sized project(about 3000-5000 LOC) individually,including structuring,coding and debugging



2017.4-present Generating Image from caption.

Do Research with a PhD. Wendong Zhang Under Associative Prof. Bingbing Ni to generatethe image of a sentence with the correct spatial relations.

Detailed achievements:

  • Design and improve a Spatial Role Labeling(SpRL) method using Attention Model toextract the spatial relation in the sentence.
  • Create the customzied image dataset with Image rendering tool 3DSMAX .
  • Implement some tiny tool kits to remove unnecessary background of the pictures.

Course Project

2015.2-2015.6 Data Structure.

Implemented an advanced tree-structured data structure supporting some dynamic modifi-cations and queries both on chains and subtrees.

Detailed achievements:

  • Understand a challenging data structure Self-adjusting Top Tree and successfully analyzedits complexity. (Such data structure expands the functionality of the ordinary Link CutTree and is much more complex than some ordinary tree structures like Red Black Tree. )
  • Used some customized basic data structure components instead of the polymorphiccontainer like Vector and well managed the memory allocation and release to improvethe efficiency and the memory usage.
  • Visualized the tree structure with the tool graphviz to show how this data structureworks.
  • (Course) Assisted the professor to introduce some basic Balanced Binary Trees like Treapand Splay.
2016.2-2016.6 Compiler Principle.

Individually implement a simplified modern compiler.

Detailed achievements:

  • Successfully handled an 3000-5000 line-of-code(LOC) project individually;
  • Selected some latest language features(like smart pointer) to collaborate with some legacycode and tools(like flex and bison) to improve the readability and robustness of the code.{Analyzed the differences among several libraries.
  • Comprehensively analyzed the speed,readability and robustness of each one and chose the best practise.
2016.9-2017.1 Software Engineering.

Implemented part of a Course Recommender System as a group member.

Detailed achievements:

  • Get familiar with some web based libraries, such as Bootstrap.
  • Used python as glue language to integrate different components which are implementedin different programming languages.
  • Understand the some basic thesis of Word2Vec and analyze the word similarity with suchtools.
2017.2-2017.6 Computer Network.

Lead a group to simulate an anonymous mailing policy under complex network environment.

Detailed achievements:

  • Chopped up the task into necessary pieces which fits the different ability of differentgroup members.
  • Designed and Simulated a secure and anonymous policy for mailing service under PointTo Point(P2P) Network.
  • Simulated different types of man-in-the-middle attacks to verify the robustness of suchpolicy.
2017.2-2017.6 Machine Learning.

Used Support Vector Machine(SVM) and Multi-level perceptron(MLP) to solve a classifica-tion problem.

Detailed achievements:

  • Practised and Implemented some basic machine learning methods,like SVM and MLP.
  • Learned how to collaborate with the TensorFlow Framework.
  • Get familiar with some tuning skill upon the parameters.


2016.6-2016.9 Internship at VMware,Software Engineer Intern, SDDC Group, VMware Shanghai.

Attend the Project of VSAN Snapshot Manager supervised by DR. Caixue Lin.

Detailed achievements:

  • Designed Customer-based Policy APIs.
  • Implemented Automated testing for continuous integration.


2016.1-2016.2MCM/ICM contests.

Attended the MCM/ICM contest with the roommates Tiancheng Xie and Lile Dai.

Detailed achievements:

  • Get the award of Finalists(top 10 out of 3000+ teams)
  • Practise to use statics analysis to deal with some real world problem(water scarcity).
  • Well perform the model I purposed and develop a paper with the roommates.
2015.6-2015.9 Volunteer teaching.

Attend a Volunteer tutoring team organized by Xinxin Foundation to teach the local teachers in Tongde villege some basic computer skills.

Detailed achievements:

  • Be aware of the living standard of the people in rural area and try to figure out the method to improve their living standard.
  • Teaching the usage of excel, which may improve the work efficiency of the teachers.
  • Interviewed some of the families, listening to their points of views towards the life.